Spectacular Views

Building my clients dream home on family land at their Marae, the client desired a kitchen designed around the themes of minimalism and simplicity. Flexibility was another primary consideration as the kitchen needed to be able to service large groups of guests as well when necessary. Overlooking coastal views, the kitchen’s stainless bench top and polished concrete floor capture reflections of the sky and sea. The canter-levered island featuring Birch Plywood, is reminiscent of a waka on the ocean. The Calacatta splashback lightens the space and provides practicality and movement to the design.  The adjoining scullery provides additional storage and preparatory space, relating to and complimenting the minimalist theme.  The defining feature of the kitchen is the black cabinetry, an innovative and textured element in this design. The dark tones of the joinery are a stark contrast with the silver tones of the stainless steel bench top, concrete floor, and metallic fridge.  The LED lighting is carefully situated to soften the sharpness of the black cabinetry, while the orientation of the kitchen allows the natural light to permeate throughout the space. Finally, the location of kitchen was carefully considered to ensure it had a commanding position in the house. Through the floor-to-ceiling windows it is possible to look out at both wings of the home while sitting at the island. This guarantees the kitchen is the central facet of the architectural design.