Jenny & Steve's Eco Friendly Kitchen

This Auckland couple retreated to Northland to build their dream home

In memory of a lady with a creative heart and passion for design.
A beautiful couple based in Auckland wanted to retreat to the north and build amongst nature.

“Jenny and I had dreamed of building a house that would suit us in our retirement. Traffic congestion and land prices in the ‘Super City’ were too high for us to do what we wanted. Whangarei has all the necessary services required by retired folk so we decided to search for a section here. We were successful in finding a suitable section, a local architect, a local builder and local kitchen designer. Our only disappointment is that Jenny’s health deteriorated to the point of her dying before our move.”

The process from start through to consultation, design, production and installation has been smooth all the way for us as clients.

Project Details

In order to make Jenny & Steve’s dream a reality, we worked closely with Clint Goldie at Whangarei Construction, as well as Lee from Advance Design Architecture. The challenge for us was to craft an ‘Eco Home’ that was also wheelchair friendly. There was no question about whether it was achievable and we got right to it!

Sarah & Kim started working on the spatial design of the kitchen and living areas, involving Jenny & Steve every step of the way. Jenny’s vast amount of magazine cuttings was an inspiration and she dedicated so much time over the course of her illness to creating a home perfect for her husband.

Extensive research in to the right products and materials was extremely important to everyone involved in the process. We worked with Plymasters who provided bamboo sheets, cupboard fronts and our favourite pure ply with soy based glues. We worked with Modern Finishes to coat the cabinetry with Woca Oil which is another environmentally friendly wood staining product.

Some of the features of the house include:

  • A pull out bench next to the oven to carefully place hot things
  • A cabinet to hold antiques and crockery but still show style
  • A nook with a roller door by sage doors
  • The general ambiance and space in the room with plenty of light and the expectation that the house will be relatively passive in keeping warm in winter and cool in summer

We stayed to a nice budget of $25,000 (plus $10,000 for appliances). It allowed for us to carefully craft the designs, have consultations for open feedback, conduct product research & supply what was needed. We love showing clients what we can do on a budget: with a little know how and working closely with suppliers, the end goal can look well beyond what the budget allowed for!

The Finished Space

“Sarah and her team have been responsive to our wishes, helpful in making suggestions and always available when we have needed advice.  The process from start through consultation, design, production and installation has been smooth all the way for us as clients. Thanks to the community of Whangarei for having the resources locally for me, now without Jenny, to end up with a fantastic product, one that will be an amazing home for many years and beyond.”

We visited Steve once the project was finished and Jenny’s influence is all around the gorgeous home. She created a truly beautiful and eclectic space. We would like to thank Jenny & Steve for being such amazing clients and for the privilege of being a part of their journey.

Let Us Solve Your Problems

Let's be honest - designing and renovating are daunting tasks. Time and time again we see people get bogged down with the intense level of detail required. They often forget huge aspects of the project and blow their budget to smithereens. But we've got you covered - Sarah Burrows Design will take care of you throughout the whole journey of your project.

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